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This page is dedicated to everything i like to teach, all things that have proven helpful in my learning experience. 

My idea is simple, in a world full of information most of us don't know where to start, we try to absorb all the info available and get nowhere. Here you will find short weekly lessons, where we will study and digest very small pieces of information and learn how to take full advantage of it.

I recommend to use lessons weekly, and not all at once. 

Let's do a lot with very little, and do it correctly. 

Each lesson is a video of about 10 minutes. Some lessons are short videos with TAB included. Almost every week I add new subjects.

Get to work and best of luck!

Level 1
(Complete Gypsy Jazz Beginner)
Level 2
(Complete Gypsy Jazz Intermediate)

Coming soon...

The Diminished Scale

Take this slowly, try one per week, the videos are on my Instagram page, you can get an idea of what they all sound like there. Again, i would grab one per week and use it extensively, over all the chords mentioned on PDFs included.

Come back for more when the first pattern is good and under your fingers

General Subjects
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